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Thank you so much Cris & Linda for coming up to our event! It definitely means a lot to us that you traveled from Tucson just to share this special day with us. We traveled that road many times while Dylan was alive. That was a road that he started seeing all the beauty that our world had to offer. When we seen your car we knew that Dylan would have loved it! He definitely loved beautiful things. So thank you again for coming and sharing this beautiful day with us!

**For all that didn't get to see... Cris & Linda won the Dylan's Choice Award at our Car Show on Saturday. The winner was picked out by, us, Dylan's Mom & Dad, They got to take home this big trophy that has a picture of Dylan on it.
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Article Published in Arizona Silver Belt
September 15, 2015
Written by Angela & Donald Earven

The month of September kicks off our campaign for Childhood Cancer Awareness. Each year the Dylan Earven Foundation will be holding our Annual Event during the month of September. 

Our goal is to bring a greater awareness to our community and to raise money to help those families that are affected by this devastating disease. We are so excited to announce that our 3rd Annual Dylan Earven Foundation 5K/1K Run-Walk was a huge success! The Foundation was able to raise over $20,000 through sponsorships and all the activities of the day. Thank you to everyone that contributed to this success. No matter how big or small your contribution was we couldn’t have done it without you! If you missed this year’s event you can plan to join us next year, and the year after that, and the year after that; because with the help of our wonderful community we plan to make our event bigger and better every year.

Don and I are very thankful! We couldn't have asked for anything more - from our Board Members, friends and family to everyone who ran/walked and participated, we are so blessed to have such great people in our lives. May God return the blessings you have given us.

We are going to try our best to name everyone who helped with this event but if we inadvertently leave anyone out please forgive us. We would like to start with the Miami High School and all the personnel there that allowed us to use their facility. This was a great location and we felt very welcome…Thank you!

A big thank you to the following individuals and business that donated items for our raffle:
Vonnie’s Pizza, Marcel Reece, Ortega Shoes, Christine Kline, Kandilyn Hunter-Albo, Bill & Michelle Tower, Barbara Lolmaugh, Kyle McGowan, Shane & Teresa McGowan, Judy and Larry McGowan, Shanna Rocha, Batting Range, Hollis Cinema 4, State Farm Insurance - Fernando Shipley, United Jewelry, O’Reilly Auto, Tri-City Furniture, La Casita Cafe, Sullivan’s Paving, Copper Bistro, Enfield & Son Carpet Cleaning, and Golden Eagle.

To everyone that donated bikes for the kid’s bike raffle, we greatly appreciate your generosity. We had over 30 brand new bikes donated by community members. These bikes went home with many happy little boys and girls. Thank you to all those that contributed to making this day
such a fun and wonderful day for all those children!

We are extremely grateful for all the sponsors that were listed on the back of the awesome tshirts. These sponsors generously donated $250 or more to our Foundation:

•  Golden Eagle
•  Taco Bell Live Mas
•  Just-N-Time
•  Horne Motor Company
•  Napa Auto Parts
•  J.T. Wagner Leasing
•  EMD Wraps
•  Vonnie’s Pizza
•  Al’s Automotive,
•  Dream Polo Construction
•  Irene’s Real Mexican Food
•  Hom Electric
•  Action Towing
•  ALH Roofing
•  Guayo’s on the Trail
•  Globe’s Gym
•  Earth Movers Tires
•  Quanta Technologies
•  Samaritan Vet
•  DeMarco' Italian
•  J&S Towing
•  Palace Pharmacy
•  MidState Pipe
•  Martin Motorsports
•  J&R Casa Reynoso Mexican Food
•  D.J. Company
•  Highway 60 Motors
•  Western Repro Graphics
•  Devine Canine 9 - Destiny Andrade
•  Cobre Valley Regional Medical Hospital
And to the amazing volunteers and donors that were there to help lighten the load and brighten the day. It was such an honor to have these individuals and organizations with us. They include: the Miami Cheerleaders, GHS National Honor Society, Globe JROTC, Dr. Kline and Anjanette Bolinger’s CVIT Nursing Assistant Students from Globe Community College, Miley Roten who sang the National Anthem so beautifully, Deacon Flabio who did the opening prayer, Greg Marin’s Allied Welding for the helium to make the awesome balloon arch, Gila County Cattle Growers, Days Inn, Rainbow Flowers, McSpadden Ford, Oddonetto Construction, PepsiCola Bottling, Mike Pastor, John Marcanti, Nick & Betty Reyes, Tall Tim, the Globe Fire Department in conjunction with Nerdberger, Safeway, Heritage Healthcare Center, and Fry’s Food and Drug for providing the meal, Anita and Mike Stapelton and Jayme and Mike Yanes - who provided us with two beautiful and delicious cakes to enjoy. Finally, another big thank you to the Globe Fire Department for bringing the fire truck and hanging the American Flag…that was the perfect touch!

Last but not least, we can’t leave out all those that brought out their beautiful cars for us to look at and enjoy, including The Gold-N-Oldies Car Club. All the Vendors that participated and brought their product to share with us; we had many who were local, but also several who came from out of town…thank you for making the trip!

It feels like there is so many more thank you's we could send out, but our hope is that all those who had a part of this successful event will know that we truly appreciate all the love and support, because without you this Foundation would not be possible.

May God Bess each and every one of you!

Angela & Donald Earven